Thursday, October 10, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Chat 10/9/2013 ~ Photos and Video

SHEMAR MOORE invited us over to his house again on October 9
for an informal chat. So much more fun than the CBS sponsored
chats, SHEMAR at home is like hanging out with a friend. 

Not that his home chats have a mess of technical problems. 
Doors may be squeaking in the background.
A friend, or one of his dogs, might wander in. And
SHEMAR, who's very friendly and chatty by nature, 

may run a little longer than he should.
Like when many of us ran out on him to watch
CRIMINAL MINDS, while Baby Boy was still talking.

Sorry SHEMAR but we love our Derek Morgan, too.

But it's all good. 
Don't change anything, Baby Boy. 
We love you.

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