Sunday, October 6, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 10/6

We love our Derek Morgan. For many of us, the biggest reason we are such avid "Criminal Minds" fans is because we love seeing SHEMAR MOORE in the role.

Last week's episode, "The Inspired" was a pretty good one. Four creepy people from mom, schizophrenic dad, and two crazy murderous sons, it was an engrossing story

But, something was missing. There was far too little Derek Morgan.

The promo video is out now for the next episode, "Final Shot."

In these stills from the new episode (thanks to Sabkay, one of our savvy German moderators), we see Morgan doing a stunt, and making boo-boo face. You know, that wounded puppy look he gets that makes us want to snuggle him and make it all better.

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