Monday, October 7, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ "Queen Latifah Show" Photos and Video

It was all the way back on August 8, that SHEMAR MOORE taped a segment
of "The Queen Latifah Show." 

We've waited two months, but it finally aired today. It was worth
the wait. SHEMAR was charming and fun. He told a cute story
about his high school girlfriend, who dumped him for being shy.

The video is posted below.

In another fun moment, an excited Baby Girl tackles
SHEMAR and nearly knocks him off his feet.

Not hating on her. Many of us might throw a tackle on
him should the opportunity present itself.

Hugs to Sabkay, one of LOVING MOORE's awesome German Moderators.
 She's so efficient, she had dozens of still photos
and the video posted before the Latifah Show even aired on
the East Coast USA. 

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  1. I loved it. When I get to LA imma do the same thing Baby Girl of the Day did.