Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chatting with SHEMAR MOORE and Keith Tisdell

On Friday, SHEMAR MOORE friend, Keith Tisdell, held a chat with fans
and supporters of "Tiz The Time," his upcoming one man documentary show. 

The actor is currently seeking funds and backers through Indiegogo for the project, 
which he hopes to complete next year. He talked about the show and
we got to know the man who played a sinister villain on "Criminal Minds."

Guess what? Real life Keith Tisdell isn't anything like intimidating 
Rodney Harris. Turns out he's more of a big, lovable teddy bear
 with a warm smile and a fine sense of  humor.

If you missed the chat, you can enjoy the archive.
Link ~ Chat With Keith TIsdell

Also, visit Keith's Indiegogo page if you'd like to help with the project.
He's offering some very nice perks for supporters. 

Chatting with SHEMAR

Several times this year, our Baby Boy sat down to chat with fans. We loved it!
A live chat with SHEMAR is like having a beer with your next door neighbor
or hanging out with a dear friend. We're not talking about the formal CBS chats,
but our SHEMAR at home ~ genuine, chatty, silly, and flirtatious. 

We know Baby's got a lot on his plate and he's busy,
but if he could find the time to do
a chat this holiday season, LOVING MOORE members
and fans everywhere would be delighted.

Hint, Baby Boy! A little Merry Christmas gift for devotees? 

(We're writing  letters to Santa about this.) 

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