Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 11/20

Let's have some SSA Derek Morgan since it is CRIMINAL MINDS
Wednesday. New episode tonight, "Strange Fruit."
From the description, it sounds like a Rossi/JJ/Cruz episode.

As much as  SHEMAR fans and Baby Girls would like all  of the
episodes to be Morgan episodes, we know they can't be. And, we
can't expect to see our guy shirtless more than occasionally.
CM, after all, is a serious crime drama, not a soap.

Oh, but remember the wonderful, golden  years of
"The Young and the Restless?" Malcolm never hesitated to
show off his fine self to us salivating fans. (sigh!)

Since we aren't going to be blessed with Morgan's chest tonight, here's a
look back at last week. It was, indeed, a glorious moment!

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