Friday, November 22, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Decorating for the SHEMAR Obsessed

Can you imagine a poster similar to this one hanging on your 
bedroom wall?

How about SSA Derek Morgan over your sofa?
There are some large, beautiful posters for sale over on the 
SHEMARMOORE.COM online store. The website suggests that
they are "perfect for your dorm rooms, kids rooms offices, and more."

We truly obsessed SHEMAR fans know that any place is perfect for a 
SHEMAR MOORE poster. Also, a nice touch on your coffee table is
a SHEMAR MOORE photo book. 

Posters are only $9.99 + shipping, and printed on high-quality, gloss paper.

Seriously, wouldn't you feel happy every time you looked at your poster?
Flow with the fantasy and decorate with SHEMAR.

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