Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alex O'Loughin Joins SHEMAR MOORE and Others

"Hawaii Five-0" star, Alex O'Loughlin
has joined Tough Mudder team Stray Dogs

Team Stray Dogs 2011 includes "Criminal Minds" star

In September, Team Stray Dogs participated in the Tough Mudder
Event held at Lake Tahoe.

SHEMAR MOORE, actor Kevin McKidd,
former "Criminal Minds" producer Simon Mirren,
"Minds" writer Rick Dinkle and others completed the
military obstacle course to raise money for
the Wounded Warrior Project.
The event requires participants to be in
top physical condition.

This year, Alex O'Loughin has joined
Team Stray Dogs.

For information visit their FaceBook page ~


  1. This is wonderful news for Alex O'Loughlin fans all over the world. We love that he wants to give back. Will be exciting to see Shemar and Alex sharing the same air. Hearts beat faster just thinking about it.

  2. im so excited about Alex joining the team :) he's an active guy so this is the right place for him to be ...all the best BIG KAHUNA ;) <3