Thursday, August 1, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ The Bounce Back ~ Featured Photo 8/1

Wow! THE BOUNCE BACK Fund Raising Campaign has exceeded expectations. Not only did it achieve the original goal of $500,000, but has generated an additional hundred thousand dollars+. 

With 4 days to go in an 8 day
extension, SHEMAR MOORE
and the campaign coordinators
are hoping to bring the total to
$700,000 before it ends on Sunday, August 4.

More funds raised will allow for a wider distribution of the film 
when it is released in October 2014.

The female star of the movie, 
Nadine Velazquez filmed a brief
"thank you" video for BB fans.

As lovely as Nadine is, she is 
seriously upstaged by her canine friend in the film clip. He/she is hilarious. Be sure to 
watch the ears. Yoda dog!

If you have not yet pledged your support to THE BOUNCE BACK Project you still have time to
do so. Many awesome perks for contribution, and more being added for last minute investors. 

Support The Bounce Back

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