Sunday, August 11, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ What's Your Ultimate SHEMAR Souvenir?

SHEMAR MOORE wearing his "Protect your*self from Hollywood" shirt,
which he was often photographed in a few years ago.

We watched the *elf shirt fade over time and the last time we remember
seeing it, SHEMAR was about to be dunked on "The Ellen Show" 2010.
(bottom photo)

The shirt was a favorite with LOVING MOORE members, as SHEMAR

seemed to have a particular affinity for the garment. 

Suppose you went to a gathering or event at SHEMAR MOORE's house.
When it was over, SHEMAR offers to let you take a small item
as a souvenir of the experience.

What would you take?

The *elf shirt, or another shirt that you've seen him wear?
How about a towel that he'd rubbed all over that tight body of his?

Perhaps one of SHEMAR's hats would be a nice memento?

Sometimes the world seems filled with haters, naysayers, and negative
people who don't seem to have anything more to think about
than bashing other people for ridiculous reasons.

At LOVING MOORE we prefer to think about life's more positive things,
and to have a little fun. Like thinking about having a really nifty
SHEMAR MOORE souvenir. Like having an *elf shirt.

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