Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Featured Photo 9/25

You might think that this is
SHEMAR MOORE on his way to 
the Emmys or some other formal 
Hollywood event but you'd be

It is SSA Derek Morgan on his way to a dinner honoring his late father's partner on the Chicago police force. (Criminal (Minds episode "Magnificent Light.")

Morgan, however, looks every bit as chic in formal wear as his alter ego, SHEMAR. 

Seeing Derek Morgan in a tux is almost as pleasant as seeing him
shirtless. Unfortunately, those shirtless scenes are rare on

Once, we had to see our hero getting glass shards picked out
of his back to see him shirtless. Talk about mixing
pleasure with pain.

In the promo video of tonight's episode, we saw a tractor
-trailer bearing down on Agent Morgan and Agent Jeareau
and it looked like impact was imminent.
Nooooo! Don't hurt Derek.

The wait is finally over. 
CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 Premier

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