Friday, September 6, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Some Favorite LOVING MOORE Caption Photos

"Gonna pop that dude on the tread machine if he don't stop checkin'
out my ass." ~ Hitsugaya

(From Shug to SHEMAR)

"You promised me some female doggies if I came with you to do this interview.
And don't even think about me using my puppy dog eyes to get you laid.
No way! I'm finished until I get a female." ~Ng

"Dude, you might not want to press on my tummy like that. My gun
is loaded." ~ Dragonfly

(Man behind SHEMAR)
"I hate him. I hate his stupid cop show, and I know damn well he's lying
to them. No way he's twelve inches long." ~ Dimack

(Man behind SHEMAR)
"Why can't I look like him?" ~ Gibra

"I swear I'm gonna have mono by the end of the night." ~ PhattyChyk"

" when we get back to my room, daddy's gonna let you play with
his tickle stick." ~ Hitsugaya

~ Kordi789

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