Sunday, September 15, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 9/15

There are eleven days until the Season 9 Premier of
fans, the best episode of Season 8 was "Restoration."

As part of an investigation, Morgan, a victim of sexual abuse, 

had to face the monster who had molested him.

Dark, subtle, and serious, SHEMAR's performance
was one of the best of his career.

We're looking forward to finding out what the writers have in
store for Morgan this season. Superbly written,
"Restoration" set a standard that may be hard for them to follow.

There has been buzz that this is going to be the "JJ season." While 
we like A.J. Cook and respect her as an actress, there will be some
very irate SHEMAR MOORE fans if he doesn't get enough
screen time
 and some good stories.

Many of us at LOVING MOORE  have a hard time buying
a petite, perky blond in a "bad ass" role. We miss JJ's
sensitive interactions with the families and victims when
she was the BAU's Media Liaison, and was far more believable.

Let's leave "bad ass" to Morgan and Rossi. PLEASE!

In the narrated version of "Restoration" on the just released
Season 8 DVDs, SHEMAR talked about how much he enjoys doing
his own stunts whenever he can. He, not his stunt double, did the leap
from this fire escape and the fight that followed, although
the producers gave him a hard time about it. He said he waited 
until they weren't around and shot the scene. 

Except for this wonderful Morgan episode, SHEMAR fans were
short-changed last season, which was very Morgan light.

Make some noise with the writers and CBS.
Don't let them do it to us again.

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