Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ "The Brothers" ~ Time to Believe

For a few days now there has been internet buzz about a sequel to a popular
SHEMAR MOORE film, "The Brothers." It is memorable for SHEMAR
 playing basketball shirtless, and a funny scene where a hot chick is tries
to seduce him in his office and he runs from her. (Really, SHEMAR?)

The film also starred Bill Bellamy, Morris Chestnut, and D. L. Hugley,
likeable blokes all, but at LOVING MOORE AND MORE,
where the world revolves around SHEMAR, it is most revered
for our Baby Boy's role.

Now it appears the rumors are true with this recent tweet
from Bill Bellamy, and we're pretty excited. It will be a nice change
to see SHEMAR in a comedy after so many serious years as
 crime fighter Derek Morgan on "Criminal Minds."

Maybe he'll play basketball again?

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