Saturday, December 21, 2013

SHEMAR'S HOUSE at Christmas

There are many reasons to be a fan of SHEMAR MOORE, his talent,
his charitable work, and his graciousness to fans to name a few.
He doesn't come across as a star or a diva, but a regular guy
we can easily relate to. We appreciate the way he is with us,
and how he is willing to reach out share part of himself.

Recently, he has tweeted some lovely photos of his home
decorated for Christmas. Today he showed us his yard. It is
beautifully decked  with bright red poinsettias that are enhanced by the
lush green carpet of his lawn. He tweeted the snow (really?) covered
Christmas tree in his back yard.

He said he was "proud," and he has every right to be.

This photo was taken of SHEMAR's house several years ago. 
Below, you can see the transformation his magic touch has made.

Thank you, SHEMAR, for sharing with us.
Have a Happy Christmas!

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