Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Criminal Minds ~ The Best of the Best

"Criminal Minds" is a great show. It has never been popular with the critics but now
in it's ninth year, it still high in the ratings. Viewers are smart enough to make up their own minds, regardless of the opinions of elitists who write columns for a living and CM is a hit
all over the globe. We see that at LOVING MOORE AND MORE by the many 

International fans who stop by for news and photos of namesake, SHEMAR MOORE.

Speaking of MR. MOORE, this is his week to shine. 
We have been treated to ten weeks of new episodes but we aren't going to 
complain about a rerun on December 4.

It is "Restoration," a stand-out episode from last season that hereto, has only been
seen once before. To anyone who still thought of SHEMAR MOORE as just a former
soap actor, or as a guy who got lucky because of his good looks, he proved his
competency with this episode about the effects of child sexual abuse.

SHEMAR is solid in every episode of "Criminal Minds" and has been 
outstanding in episodes where he has the opportunity to show he is more than
 the one-dimensional tough guy of the series. 

"Restoration" was a gem.

It is SHEMAR'S magnum opus and clearly shows that once Derek Morgan
turns in his shield, and SHEMAR MOORE goes on to other roles,
he has the talent to tackle whatever he aspires to. 

We'll happily be tuning into CBS tomorrow, December 4, 
for an encore broadcast of "Restoration." 

Also featuring an impressive guest cast that includes Julius Tennon, 
Skipp Sudduth, Keith Tisdell and Garland Whitt.

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