Saturday, December 28, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Harry Bring ~ People's Choice Awards

Harry Bring, one of "Criminal Minds" Co-Executive Producers,
prolific Tweeter, and fount of CM knowledge has let it be known that 
SHEMAR MOORE will be a presenter at the 
2014 People's Choice Awards on Wednesday, January 8, on CBS.

If there is justice in the world "Criminal Minds" will be receiving
one of those awards for Favorite Crime Drama, but alas, the world
is not always just. We can say, however, that loyal
LovingMooreAndMore members voted for our beloved
series until our fingers went numb, as did legions of other fans.

And even if "Criminal Minds" isn't honored on the 8th, we will at least
enjoy the exquisite pleasure of seeing our SHEMAR dressed up.
Always a joy to behold! (Hope he doesn't wear those awful nerd glasses.) 

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