Thursday, May 15, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ A Sad Goodbye ~ Jeanne Trippleorn

There will be one less profiler in the cast photos next season since Alex Blake,
aka Jeanne Tripplehorn, turned in her shield at the end of the Season 9 Finale.

There were episodes of "Criminal Minds" in these past two years, 

where Blake didn't have a very large role. It's possible that the
PTB didn't want to force her on us. After all, many fans were  
still mourning the loss of Paget Brewster/Emily Prentiss. 

Recently, however, it seemed like we were finally
getting to know Alex Blake, and we liked her.

Jeanne's role in the Season Finale was exceptional. 

We got to see her heart in a couple of scenes that were
impossible to watch without tearing up.

And then, she left.

"Jeanne, we hardly knew ye." 

Jeanne Tripplehorn has many fans at
Whatever comes next for this talented
lady, we wish her the best.

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