Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 5/20

SHEMAR MOORE is a man of many talents, some of them
quite unusual. He can touch his tongue to his nose, which
is not easy. Few people can do it. Seriously, give it a try.

How many people can boast that they trend on Twitter
every time they show their abs on television?

Our SHEMAR looks good in anything he wears,
but it can be said of very few men that they look better
in a tux than any actor who has ever played James Bond?

Only the most athletic folk complete the Tough Mudder Obstacle
Course. Designed by the British Special Forces, it is hard for
everyone. SHEMAR, however, completed it two years
in a row, in 2011 and 2012.

By the way, he looks like he has amazing balance as he
navigates this beam but in the next photo, he was in the water.

SHEMAR shows some pretty good balance in this cycling
photo, taken when he was on vacation in South Beach.
Some of us haven't been able to do that since we were 12.

Another unusual SHEMAR talent is the ability to walk
a tightrope. Here he is at a talent show at CRIMINAL
MINDS in 2012. He's only three feet off the
floor here, but our Baby Boy really can walk a tightrope
(even though he landed in the water walking that beam
on theTough Mudder course.)

In 1994, twenty-four year old SHEMAR appeared on "Circus of
the Stars Goes to Disneyland" and he walked a rope forty feet
 in the air without a net.

At LovingMooreAndMore we relate to the world as
it revolves around SHEMAR MOORE.

Can you think of a more pleasant way to take a
break from life's trials and tribulations? 

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