Friday, May 9, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photo 5/9

Our Baby Boy, SHEMAR MOORE, has a big reason to smile these
days. He's about to star in "The Bounce Back," which begins filming
on Monday. Not only is he the lead actor in this romantic comedy
but he is the Executive Producer, finally having the opportunity to
bring his personal storytelling style to the big screen.

With a noteworthy cast that includes Nadine Velazquez,
Bill Bellamy, and Michael Beach, "The Bounce Back"
promises to be a film we can enjoy for years to come.

By the way, doesn't our SHEMAR have the most
beautiful biceps? 


  1. The biceps look great. Did you notice his cute little ears? This man is a work of art.

  2. We kind of like all of his body parts, but the ears are adorable. Can't you imagine nibbling on the ear lobe? Oh, the exquisite joy!