Sunday, May 11, 2014

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ~ Marilyn Wilson-Moore

LovingMooreAndMore came into being nearly four years ago.  
It was started by SHEMAR MOORE fans who wanted a positive
forum to share news and photos, to chat about Shemar, and
celebrate the volume of his work that has brought
us so much enjoyment.

Many are new fans who discovered Shemar as Derek
Morgan on "Criminal Minds." Others have been devotees
since Shemar made his acting debut as Malcolm
Winters on "The Young and the Restless."

Regardless of when they came aboard, anyone, who has
followed Shemar's life and career at all, knows
from his interviews that he is devoted to
 his mother, Marilyn Wilson-Moore.

A divorced mother since he was a toddler, Shemar credits
Marilyn with giving her only child the best life she could
while he was growing up. He cites her with instilling him
with the values he lives by and by stressing the importance
of education. She taught him to be himself, not to try to be
the image of what others may expect him to be. She
encouraged him to dream and gave him the self-confidence 

to believe that you can make dreams come true.

Shemar becomes emotional when he talks about the proud
moment in 2012 when he was able to give back, and he
presented a home on the ocean to his mother. In addition to
what Shemar refers to as "the condo in Redondo," he is
passionate about helping to raise funds for MS Research,
a disease his mother has struggled with for many years.

Even with an actor's busy schedule, Shemar trains to ride
and participates in a 100 mile bike event each year for MS. 

He has successfully started Baby Girl clothing, a business
which markets colorful, sexy, high-quality women's apparel.
All of the profits are donated to The MS Society for research.

When you view Ms. Marilyn through the eyes of her son,
you see the mother we all wish we'd had. Or, if you too had a
great mom, he makes you appreciate your parent all the more.

Marilyn Wilson-Moore has earned the respect and admiration
of all us at LovingMooreAndMore. On this day that
honors mothers, we send our love to this awesome lady.


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