Saturday, March 7, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ A Fun Look Back

We all know SHEMAR MOORE from his work in television and movies, and as
an advocate for Multiple Sclerosis Research, but did you know he was once a model?

The pretty boy leading the pack in this Gap fashion show is a twenty-three year old
SHEMAR. Take a look at this video Mike Bise posted recently on YouTube.

About Multiple Sclerosis ~ 
The Cognitive Side of MS
The damage done to the nerves by MS also affects your critical thinking and other cognitive skills. It’s not uncommon for people with multiple sclerosis to suffer from problems with memory and finding the right words to express themselves. Lack of concentration and attention is also common. Problem-solving skills and spatial relations can also be affected by the breakdown of myelin. Cognitive inadequacies can lead to frustration, depression, and anger.

A Silent Disease
MS is labeled as a “silent disease” or “invisible disability.” Many people with MS look no different from a healthy person because some of the symptoms, such as blurred vision, sensory problems, and chronic pain, are not visible. Someone with MS may need accommodations even though they don’t have mobility issues and seem “fine.” Multiple sclerosis is also called a silent disease because even during remission the disease still progresses. This is sometimes referred to as the “silent progression” of MS.

From Healthline ~ 

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