Thursday, March 5, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Raising Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

Shemar Moore and his mother (an MS sufferer) at Bike MS

SHEMAR MOORE is well-known for his acting roles, especially as Malcolm
Winters on "The Young and the Restless," and the sexy, sensitive man who
captured Kimberly Elise's heart in the film "Diary of a Mad Black Woman."
Most recently, he's portrayed SSA Derek Morgan on the long-running
CBS series, "Criminal Minds." 

Another important role for SHEMAR is advocate for Multiple
Sclerosis sufferers. He and others from "Criminal Minds" ride annually
in Southern California's Bike MS. Also, SHEMAR designs and markets
the very trendy Baby Girl fashion line, donating all of his profits to
Multiple Sclerosis Research.

LovingMooreAndMore supports SHEMAR in his career and in the
fine work he does on behalf of MS Sufferers.

More About MS ~ Did you know...?

Symptoms Vary
The list of possible MS symptoms is long. It includes numbness and tingling, vision problems, balance and mobility issues, and slurred speech. There is no such thing as a “typical” symptom of MS because each person experiences the disease differently. The same type of symptoms may come and go frequently, or you may regain a lost function (bladder control, for example) after a period of time. The unpredictable pattern of symptoms has to do with which nerves your immune system attacks at any given time.

Relapse and Remission

Most people who are seeking treatment for MS go through relapses and remissions. A relapse is when you experience a flare-up of symptoms. Relapses are also called “exacerbations.” Remission is a period in which you have no symptoms of the disease. A remission can last for weeks, months, or, in some cases, years. But remission does not mean you no longer have MS. Drug therapy (medication) can help put you into remission, but your immune system is still wired to attack myelin. Symptoms will likely return at some point.

Learn more at Healthline

MS Facts 

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