Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Standing With Shemar Against MS

It's not easy riding a bicycle 100 miles but SHEMAR MOORE and Team
Criminal Minds do it every year for Southern California Bike MS.
In October they ride to raise money and awareness of the
problem of Multiple Sclerosis.

Many MS sufferers have problems simply ambulating. Functioning
day by day can be as difficult as a hundred mile bike ride. MS is
debilitating and miserable, but not usually fatal.

From the Healthline website: 

'Multiple sclerosis is a chronic condition, because there is not yet a cure for the disease. It’s important to know that for the vast majority of people who have MS, the disease is not fatal. Most of the 2 million people worldwide with MS have a normal life expectancy. A rare few may have complications so severe that their life is shortened. MS symptoms can be managed and controlled with medications and lifestyle adjustments."

Learn more:
Multiple Sclerosis Information

Multiple Sclerosis has touched SHEMAR MOORE's life with his
beloved mother having suffered from the disease for 15 years.
Several LovingMooreAndMore members are afflicted. Nearly
everyone knows someone who struggles with this illness.

LM members stand with SHEMAR in his efforts to defeat MS. We
do it by sponsoring SHEMAR at Bike MS each Fall and by making
donations during the year. We also show our support in a fun
way, by purchasing Baby Girl fashions. All of the profits from BG
are donated to MS Research.

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