Monday, March 2, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ MS Awareness Week March 2-8

Why LovingMooreAndMore supports
Multiple Sclerosis Research

At LovingMooreAndMore we relate to the world as it revolves around
SHEMAR MOORE. We aren't shallow, or delusional, or star struck. It 
is only that the world is a difficult place these days, so we love the 
solace of occasionly escaping into our "Shemar Fantasy." 

We appreciate SHEMAR's volume of work, most recently as  
Derek Morgan on "Criminal Minds" and we're charmed by
playful personality in interviews, social media and in person. 

Seriously, doesn't the world seem brighter when this  man  smiles? 

LovingMoore supports SHEMAR MOORE in his career and in all   
matters close to his heart. Because Multiple Sclerosis has affected  
his family, finding a cure for this terrible disease is a cause that's   
very important to him. So important that he started the Baby Girl 
fashion line with all of the profits donated to MS Research. 

He participates in MS Events throughout the year to raise funds  
and awareness of the malady. One notable example is the 
Southern California Bike MS.

SHEMAR, and a team of riders from Criminal Minds cycle 
100 miles for the cause each Fall. Last year, SHEMAR raised 
over $33,000 through his sponsors. Baby Girl fashions added 
another $20,000. LovingMoore members have proudly
sponsored SHEMAR and  purchased Baby Girl items. 

You can help out with your purchase at

 or by making a donation directly to 

You never know when Multiple Sclerosis may strike
someone close to you. 


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease, which means it affects your nerves. A substance called myelin wraps around your nerves to protect them. MS is the breakdown of myelin as your body attacks itself. The word “sclerosis” refers to the scar tissue or lesions that appear as the myelin is damaged. The unprotected nerves can’t function as they would with normal, healthy myelin. The damaged nerves produce a wide range of symptoms that vary in severity.

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