Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS "200" ~ Derek Morgan Spoiler Photos

In the last new episode of "Criminal Minds," we saw very little of
SHEMAR MOORE's character, Derek Morgan. At LovingMooreAndMore, that
didn't go over very well with us. In fact, more than half way through Season 9,
the whole season has been 'Morgan light.'

Tonight CBS airs the 200th episode of Minds, and from the look of the previews and
spoilers, it is another episode that will leave SHEMAR MOORE fans unhappy.
Our spoiler photos focus on OUR guy. We are again suggesting that if you, too,
are a disgruntled SHEMAR/Morgan fan, make your feelings known. Here is the
address for the CBS Program Feedback connection ~

Did you notice the photo of his father on Morgan's desk? 

Morgan and Reid on the job. Fans of Matthew Gray Gubler probably aren't any
happier than SHEMAR fans. Haven't seen much of him this season either.

Episode "200" airs tonight on CBS. 
Congratulations to the cast and crew of CRIMINAL MINDS on
this milestone event. 

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  1. It is so sad... Hotch, Morgan and Reid used to be the stars of this show, along with Gideon. Now they are just barely there, and sometimes they have so little screen time that they seem extras...