Monday, February 24, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 2/24

Ask any SHEMAR MOORE fan what their favorite episode of
CRIMINAL MINDS is and  you will get one of two answers. It will
either be Season 8's, "Restoration" or the awesome episode
that first gave us insight into the soul of Derek Morgan,
"Profiler, Profiled" from Season 2. They are among the CM
episodes that SHEMAR fans watch again and again,
regardless of how many times we've seen them, because they
 were just so damned good. Our Baby Boy acted his ass off in
both episodes and today we feature photos from
"Profiler, Profiled." 

Agent Morgan goes home to Chicago to visit family and encounters
several nemesis from his youth. One of them was gang banger,
Rodney Harris, adeptly played by Keith Tisdell. Rodney was
menacing when he appeared on screen, the kind of villain that
inspires boos and hisses. Despite his dangerous appearance,
real life Keith is a warm, friendly man with an engaging smile.
In fact, he and SHEMAR are great friends.

Morgan is arrested as a serial killer and the BAU tries to prove his
innocence. At the end we find out the murders were committed by

another person from his past, Morgan's mentor Carl Buford.

He confronts Buford, a pedophile who molested
Derek and other teenage boys from the youth center he ran.
The murders were committed to hide his sexual crimes. 

Even more loathsome than Rodney Harris was Julius Tennon,
as Carl Buford. Nothing like his vile alter ego, Tennon is married
to actress Viola Davis. They have three children.

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