Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photo 2/4

For one shining moment in Paget Brewster's last episode of "Criminal Minds,"
the hearts of Morgan/Prentiss shippers were soaring. The way they danced at
JJ and Will's wedding, we felt validated. The undercurrent of romantic feelings

we were sure they had for each other appeared real. 
Emily even pulled Derek closer. Yes!!!! 
Then she went off to a new job in England. Damn, the luck! 

There won't be any time for romance in the upcoming episode of CM,
"200." Prentiss will reunite with her old BAU team to rescue JJ
and Cruz, who have gotten themselves in some kind of nasty
terrorists/hostage situation. (Really?) That will no doubt
keep everyone busy without any time for affairs of the heart.

It will, however, be grand to see Morgan and Prentiss together again,
even briefly.  We'll be looking for a glance, a touch...anything that
lets us believe the old magic between them is still there, (even if
Morgan does have a 'Savannah' now).

And the fanfiction writers will take it from there. 

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