Sunday, April 13, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 4/13

(Rochelle Aytes and SHEMAR MOORE)

Derek Morgan has a girlfriend!!!

It's about time. We have wondered why arguably the most virile of the men on
"Criminal Minds" hasn't had a serious relationship in over eight seasons.
Workaholic Hotch had a wife and now a lady friend. Rossi's had three wives and
a fling with Section Chief Strauss. Even the painfully shy Spencer Reid has
had a couple of relationships, however ill-fated they were. But poor Morgan? 

Now through three episodes we know that not only does Morgan have a
girlfriend, but they've said the L*** word to each other. 

Are viewers ready for this? Or, are the Morgan/Garcia shippers hoping she's done
in by an unsub. Will Morgan decide that Penelope was the woman for him after all?
Or, even Emily Prentiss. When SHEMAR MOORE leaves the series after Season 10,
as he says he will, could he be moving to England to be with Emily?

It's going to be great  fun finding out.

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  1. No offense to the actress.. Or her character, but Morhan should be with EMILY! I really hope they wrote Norgan out with saying that he's moving to London.. I mean even Shemar seems to like Emily and Morgan together! And Paget too.. Just saying..