Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Derek Morgan Turns 40 Today, June 6


SHEMAR MOORE'S alter ego, Derek Morgan on "Criminal
Minds," turns 40 on June 6. We know his birthday because
it clearly appeared on Garcia's computer screen in the CM 
episode, "Profiler, Profiled." 

Agent Morgan is a little younger than SHEMAR, but both men
prove what SHEMAR says so often  "good black don't crack." 

CRIMINAL MINDS writers are planning stories right now for
Season 9. What adventures would you like to see for Derek in 
the future? You can let the CM writers know via their individual
Twitter accounts. They are:

All of the writers and Erica Messer can be reached at

The writers seem to have forgotten or ignore that Morgan
has an underground background. It would be great to see
an undercover storyline for Morgan in the coming season.
How about a girlfriend for Morgan? He is the only team
member who has never had a romance storyline. Morgan
is an expert in obsessional crimes and has bomb squad
experience. The writers should use Morgan, not other
characters, in bomb situations or crimes obsessive in nature.

Please let them know your thoughts. They are working on
scripts now. 

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