Monday, June 3, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ "The Bounce Back" Film Project

Don't you want to bring this fine, FINE-looking man to the big 

SHEMAR  MOORE is a lovely sight to behold in Derek Morgan's
tight tee shirts. He's an even better sight when you catch him shirtless, or sunning his smokin' hot body on the beach, flashing his legendary 6-pack.

Now we have the opportunity to see another side of SHEMAR. 
We're talking about the elegant SHEMAR who looks so damn good in a suit.

In the upcoming film, "The Bounce Back," we will see SHEMAR
portraying Matthew Harold Taylor,  author and renown public speaker who finds love again after having his heart broken.
And, Matthew wears suits.
He may even go to the beach or wear tee shirts, too. We have to get the film made to find out.

SHEMAR is seeking investors for the film through Kickstarter. We fans can help SHEMAR make his happen, his way, his vision. He has just 18 days to raise $1.5 million dollars for the project. SHEMAR is putting up the rest of the capital needed. You can help by pledging even a small amount, whatever you can afford. There are nice perks for large and even small investors. Click on the link below to take part. The Bounce Back Project

Let's face it. It's a hard, cold world. We could use a feel-good story about love.

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