Friday, June 7, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 6/7

Now that CRIMINAL MINDS Season 8 is over, and we have a
long, long wait until the Season 9 Premier, we have been doing 
a retrospective of Derek Morgan photos from this season's 

Probably the best Morgan episode this season, even of the  
entire CM series was "Restoration." 

We didn't see enough of Derek this year but this one almost
made up for it. It was possibly SHEMAR's finest work
as an actor. Only a truly cold-hearted person could watch 
it without feeling Morgan's pain. 

Morgan tells his teammates about Carl Buford sexually abusing
him, and (below) he remembers his painful past.

Confronting the monster of his childhood again. Julius Tennon 
(Buford) was truly evil in this scene. Most of us cringed in horror
when he told Morgan, "I always liked your mouth, Derek." 

Morgan confronts the unsub in this episode who turned out to
be his nemesis from his old neighborhood and another victim 
of Buford's abuse, Rodney Harris. He was very adeptly played
by actor Keith Tisdell, who we haven't seen nearly enough of
on TV and in movies. Keith made you boo and hiss at him one
moment, and made you weep for him the next. 

We didn't have a screen cap of Keith Tisdell's face when he
played Rodney. Below is Keith with SHEMAR when they did
a chat together after the episode. 

Don't let that big, teddy bear persona fool you. Keith can play
bad-ass like you wouldn't believe. 

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