Thursday, June 6, 2013


LOVING MOORE is blessed to have many creative 
and talented members. One of them is GRACIE, a LM
Moderator from Italy. She is a tax accountant and 
escapes from the monotony all those numbers into
her hobbies. 

A self-described "dreamer at heart," GRACIE enjoys
traveling, reading, long walks, good friends, 
great food and, of course, SHEMAR MOORE. 

She is also an avid photographer, who shares the
beauty of her country and her travel destinations on
her blogs. If you are interested in the history or learning 
more about Italy, GRACIE adds interesting narrations to
many of her pictures. 

When you have the time to sit down and take a break
from the day-to-day, GRACIE's websites are wonderful 
to visit. Plus, she takes such luscious photos of food, 
 you're likely to leave hungry.

GRACIE also shares her beautiful country on Twitter
and Instagram. It may be something as simple as the
view from her window (above), or an event she attended,
but whatever it is, it is likely to make you smile for a 
moment and appreciate the charm of Italy. 

GRACIE can be found on Twitter at where she  
posts some of her lovely pictures.

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