Thursday, June 27, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 6/27

In 2001, SHEMAR appeared in a movie called
"The Brothers," which still draws the attention of
his fans when it is shown on TV today. 

One of our favorite scenes from "The Brothers" is the
basketball scene. Not many things are as pleasurable
as watching our boy play basketball, sweating and flexing.

We highly recommend watching the scene in slow
motion for maximum sensual enjoyment. 

For hardcore SHEMAR MOORE fans,
like those of us at LOVING MOORE,
there isn't enough 'SHEMAR' in the film.

But, this film still needs to be in your
collection and can be enjoyed when you need
a SHEMAR fix.

You can see SHEMAR in a new romantic comedy next year called "The Bounce Back." 
SHEMAR is currently seeking fan backers for the film with some awesome perks for people 
who get involved. 

You can learn more and get on board with the project here: The Bounce Back

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