Sunday, July 28, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Vote for Best (Fake) Death Scene

Over at SpoilerTV, they have a poll going on. They are asking what was the saddest TV "fake death?"

Listed among scenes from "24,"
"House," "Sherlock," and "other," is CRIMINAL MINDS

~ Emily Prentiss's death scene.

Was there a more gut-wrenching 
moment on TV than watching Emily "die" on a cold cement floor after being impaled with a wooden stake by Ian Doyle? 

Did any CM fan watch Derek Morgan kneel beside her, take her hand and encourage her to live without shedding a tear. 

If you loved that scene as much as most of us at LOVING MOORE did, you need to go over to 
SpoilerTV and vote for Emily and Derek.  

Spoiler TV Saddest Death Poll

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