Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ The Bounce Back ~ Featured Photo 7/30

Between starring with Denzel Washington in
"Flight," and becoming SHEMAR MOORE's
leading lady in "The Bounce Back," Nadine 
Velazquez can currently be seen as DDA Emma Rios on the television crime drama "Major Crimes." 

The TNT series is quite a departure for Nadine from her last TV role. She played sexy motel maid, Catalina, on the hit NBC comedy, "My Name Is Earl" from 2005-09.

Now, like BB star SHEMAR on "Criminal 
Minds," she is crime fighter.

"The Bounce Back" is to begin filming next Spring and has a planned release date of
October 2014. Nadine has some steamy love scenes with perennial hottie, Denzel, in her last movie. 

We're anxious to see her with super hottie, SHEMAR MOORE, in "The Bounce Back." 

In addition to her film work, "Major Crimes," and "My Name is Earl," Nadine has also had featured roles on the series "Heart of Dixie" and "The League." 

"Major Crimes" airs on Saturdays.

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