Friday, July 12, 2013

Let's Hear It For The Little Guys ~ Fantastic New Bounce Back Perk

Even SHEMAR MOORE fans who don't have the means to make a large pledge in support of
"The Bounce Back" have the opportunity to receive one of the perks intended for more affluent
investors. Now, even us "little guys" can receive one perks we only dared to dream about. 

In an email notice to fans, SHEMAR had this to say ~ 

Friday is finally here, Everyone. I hope you have some fun and flirty plans for your weekend.

So many of you have shown me unconditional love and support by contributing $1, $3, $5 or more throughout this campaign and expecting nothing in return. I can’t tell you how much your loyalty means to me, so this is what I’m going to do. For the next 15 days, everyone that contributes any amount that doesn’t earn a perk will be considered for the perks we have left over at the end of the campaign. Every dollar you contribute during the last 15 days of the campaign that doesn’t go towards earning a perk, gives you one additional opportunity to be selected for the perks unclaimed. Your contributions matter whether it’s $1 or $1000 and here’s my chance to prove it. Some of you will be surprised at the end of the campaign with your very own high end perk!

Thanks again and have fun this weekend!

PLEASE NOTE: Perks distributed will be limited to perks unclaimed at the end of the campaign up to the $1000 “After-Party” level. This is not a raffle. It is us gifting the remaining perks to those that demonstrate their loyalty by contributing a non-perk earning amount. There is no guarantee which perks will be available at the end of the campaign since some are being offered for promotional value through other venues, but any perks left over will be distributed among those who contributed any unrewarded amount from June 13, 2013 until the end of the campaign.


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