Saturday, July 20, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ The Bounce Back ~ Featured Photo 7/20

Recognize this motley looking group of people? This was the cast of "My Name Is Earl," for four seasons on
NBC. The series starred Jason Lee as a ne're do well who was trying to make amends for his past crimes  
after winning a $100,000 lottery. The series also featured Ethan Supplee, Jamie Pressley, and the beauty on the left, Nadine Velazquez. 

Nadine portrayed Earl's friend, Catalina, part-time hotel maid, part-time exotic dancer at Club Chubby's. She spoke with a thick Spanish accent, which she doesn't have in real life since the actress was born and raised in Chicago. The program ran from 2005-09, and hint. The first two seasons were fantastic, and well worth owning on DVD. The next two, hit or miss. The reruns are still shown on TBS. 

Nadine has moved on from playing a sexy hillbilly to Denzel Washington's love interest in "Flight," and soon to be leading lady in SHEMAR MOORE's upcoming film, "The Bounce Back." 

With only a week left in the funding campaign, the clock is ticking. Have you pledged your support yet? There are nice rewards to investing in the film, and more are added every day. 

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