Sunday, July 28, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 7/28

Do you recognize this legendary abdomen? 

How about now? During Friday's internet chat,
SHEMAR teased us and tried to gross us out with
pictures of his belly distended. 

He has often joked about how he'd be fat one day.
What do you think? Would you still love him with a gut? 

SHEMAR and a friend compare their "pudges".
Do you know which one is our boy? 

SHEMAR and long-time friend, Richie MacGreggor
showing it off. Who likes a man they can climb?

You can follow friend, Rich at ~ @richie_mac


  1. Hi..I think u both look great..I am trying t get in touch w Shemar..It's regarding Soap Opera fan events for CHARITY!.My friends have a corporation SOAPTHIS, & have been doing these events for 7 years now. I would like t get an email, so I can send him a professional business letter explaining in more detail of what it is about. U can also contact me (Heidi) for more info..Please give Shemar this message. I have put messages on BB page, & emailed on theBBnameyourperk, but no response...We would very much love t have Shemar participate in an event within the upcoming year...Or call my friend Patti, who is in charge, & let her know I sent u this message. ..PLEASE READ, THIS IS IMPORTANT. ESPECIALLY HAVING FUN, MEETING HIS FANS, & RAISING $ FOR CHARITY!!

    1. Try putting the message on his Fan Forum on His peeps read monitor it and they can get a message to Shemar.