Sunday, July 28, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ The Bounce Back ~ Featured Photo 7/28

We are so near to the funding goal for THE BOUNCE BACK. So near and yet
so far. The coordinators of the campaign have decided to keep it going for one
more week. We know we can reach and exceeded $500,000. Fantastic new perks are
being added this week for small and large investors.

Talk to your friends about why we want to get this done. For our SHEMAR, of course,
but to bring a lovely story to life. Remember how much we loved "The Notebook,"
"When Harry Met Sally," and even "Diary of a Mad Black Woman?"

SHEMAR's vision for "The Bounce Back" will make it a romance to remember
along with many of the most remembered romantic comedies.

Plus, starring SHEMAR MOORE, we will see him in a new capacity
after nearly a decade of crime fighting on CRIMINAL MINDS.
And this time, he won't be wearing an awful wig.

Be sure to stop by and make another pledge this week, and ask your
friends to do the same. When the movie comes out,  

we'll all be glad we were part of it.

Support The Bounce Back

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