Tuesday, July 2, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Thomas Gibson!

Thomas Gibson turns 51 on
July 3. Another CRIMINAL MINDS
hottie who's getting better with age.
Best Wishes, Thomas from your
fans at LOVING MOORE. 


  1. happy birthday to my favor actor

  2. hot...Hot...HOT...Hotch! The whole package: talent, face and body to die for, voice that can melt your knees, and a genuinely nice guy in real life! PLEASE CLONE THIS MAN!!

  3. I know it is September now but I just wanted to wish Thomas a HAPPY! belated birthday yes! I'm still HOPRLESSLY! and MADLY! in love with him LOVE! those cheek bones the whole package he's still so FREAKING! HOT! and so FREAKING! SEXY! you SEXY! thing... HOT! HOT! HOT! for sure!