Monday, September 20, 2010

2 Days And Counting To The Season Premier Of CRIMINAL MINDS

Alex O'Loughlin as serial killer, Vincent
in "The Big Wheel" on CRIMINAL MINDS
Sexy Alex
Even sexier SHEMAR MOORE

There are only two more days remaining until the CRIMINAL MINDS Season Six Premier. To make the waiting just a little easier, tonight (September 20) we have the premier of HAWAII FIVE-O.

The series stars man candy, Alex O'Loughlin (Moonlight, Three Rivers).

From the previews of the program they have been showing, it looks like it has as much action as an episode of "24" but with a more charismatic cast (Alex, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim), and much more humor. We at LOVING MOORE were big fans of "24" but we don't remember laughing much at the series. Jack Bauer saving the country from terrorist plots was deadly serious business.

In the pilot episode, McGarrett (Alex O) returns to Hawaii to investigate his father's murder, he is recruited by the governor (Jean Smart) to head up an elite new police task force. Their first case involves tracking a weapons dealer connected to McGarrett's father's murder. Alex looks far more attractive in the new show, than when he played Vincent, an obsessive-compulsive serial killer in "The Big Wheel," on CRIMINAL MINDS. There seems to be plenty of gratuitous shirtless scenes, so that we can fully appreciate the beauty that is Alex O'Loughlin.

LOVING MOORE has also posted a photo of SHEMAR MOORE, who is Number One on our man candy list, and this is, after all, a primarily a SHEMAR MOORE site.

HAWAII FIVE-O premiers tonight (Monday) September 20, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. CRIMINAL MINDS airs on Wednesday, September 22, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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