Friday, September 17, 2010

5 Days And Counting To The Season Premier Of CRIMINAL MINDS

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With only five days left until the Season Six Premier of CRIMINAL MINDS, we recap the Season Five Finale, "Our Darkest Hour."

Wow! All we can say is that Tim Curry is one skeezy unsub. We really want to hiss and boo at him for hurting our Derek Morgan/SHEMAR MOORE.

Nice to see Detective Speicer/Eric Close in this clip, who is probably dead since he isn't in the promo video, or on the guest cast list of the Season Six Premier. Heard he has a new gig on an upcoming series called "Chaos." He has been a LOVING MOORE favorite since his "Without a Trace" days.

This is a CBS video, so you have to sit through a thirty second mayonnaise commercial to see it, but the wait is almost over. Season Premier is Wednesday, September 22!

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