Sunday, September 26, 2010

Criminal Minds ~ When Did SHEMAR MOORE Learn To Act?

SHEMAR MOORE as Agent Derek Morgan
SHEMAR and A.J.Cook

When did SHEMAR MOORE learn to act?

Looking back on his early days on "The Young and the Restless," he wasn't much of an actor. But, he smiled that engaging smile of his, and had plenty of gratuitous shirtless scenes, so his lack of acting skill didn't matter.

He must have improved by 2000, because he won a daytime Emmy. We were concentrating on career by then and didn't have time for soaps, so we didn't notice.

We didn't realize that SHEMAR had learned to act until the night in December, 2006, when the CRIMINAL MINDS episode, "Profiler, Profiled," first aired on CBS. We were blown away by his stunning portrayal of a sexual abuse victim, who'd kept his shame and guilt a secret for twenty years. After the emotional scene where he confronts his abuser, we were blown away.
When did "Malcolm" learn to act like that?

We've paid more attention to his work since then. SHEMAR has become a good, solid actor, who can hold his own with the best of them, and he has.

We've read many reviews of the Season Six Premier of CRIMINAL MINDS, most of them favorable. Tim Curry was praised for his chilling portrayal of serial killer, Billy Flynn. Everyone was blown away by A.J. Cook's sensitive, sincere scenes, that left us wondering. "What the hell was CBS thinking when they fired her?"

There was a lot of talk about young Isabella Murad, who played Ellie Speicer, although most of the buzz was about the strange expression the kid had on her face through most of the episode.

There wasn't much mention of SHEMAR by reviewers. His character, Agent Morgan, has evolved over the past seasons. He's far less flirtatious and doesn't smile often. It is as though Derek's soul has grown dark and troubled from the horrors he has seen. The cold, angry Derek who shot (murdered?) Billy Flynn was adeptly acted by SHEMAR.

It is likely that SHEMAR MOORE will never get the respect he deserves as an actor. CRIMINAL MINDS is largely ignored at Emmy time. SHEMAR won't ever be considered for a Best Supporting Actor nomination. Heck, he's barely mentioned in the series reviews.

LOVING MOORE wants to send a shout out to SHEMAR MOORE. Some of us have noticed, SHEMAR. You're absolutely doing something right.
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