Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kirsten Vangsness of CRIMINAL MINDS Interview

In a brand new interview, CRIMINAL MINDS star, Kirsten Vangsness, talks about her television character, her clothes, acting and her upcoming role on the new CRIMINAL MINDS spin-off series. Here is part of the interview, when asked about the her relationship with her cast mates, and her relationship with Derek Morgan.

Q: Do you and your fellow cast members hang out much off the set?

A: Yes, we do. I go to Paget's house for wine and cheese a lot. The whole gang always goes to any plays that I do. AJ went one time when she was 8 months pregnant! Shemar always comes at least twice and sits in the front. It's very sweet. We really adore each other in real life. We all go to Joe's (Rossi's) house during the holidays. I just went to Disneyland with Thomas (Hotch) and his family...

Q: On the show, Garcia loves all her team mates, but seems to have a soft spot for Morgan (SHEMAR MOORE) ~ How do you define the special bond they have?

A: I think they are soulmates!

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  1. Why did yoy guys close Shemar Moore Paradise?

  2. The site owner of SMP closed the site.

    Watch for new site, opening on September 21. Information will be posted here. ~ Dee