Monday, September 6, 2010

"Ask SHEMAR MOORE" Tweets Former Y&R Star, Victoria Rowell

SHEMAR MOORE and former Y&R co-star, Victoria Rowell

Since her departure from "The Young and the Restless" in 2007, Victoria Rowell has been outspoken in her accusations of racism and behind the scenes turmoil on the popular daytime series.

Ms. Rowell penned a book in 2009 entitled, "Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva," and is currently on a book tour to promote the publication. It is said to be a thinly veiled look at her own life on Y&R, where she played Drucilla Winters for 17 years. Several of those years, she worked with SHEMAR MOORE, who portrayed Malcolm Winters.

Two recently posted YouTube videos talk about her allegations. You can hear them here:

Victoria has also been blasting "The Young and the Restless" on Twitter. Today, among other comments, she had this to say:
"African Amer tenured soap stars, including myself NOT paid equal, some surpassing audience draw from early 1960s to 2010, ask SHEMAR MOORE."

Really? Was SHEMAR MOORE underpaid? Is that why he never came back for the oft suggested guest spot?

You can follow the outspoken Ms. Rowell on Twitter @

Is Victoria merely a malcontent, or is she a credible whistle blower?

To date, SHEMAR MOORE does not have a verified Twitter account.
He may be smart!


  1. Could she just be putting Shemar in the middle of her mess? She was on Foxxhole talking about the same thing, with Kris St. James(sp) and the "new" Malcolm guy. They did or at least Kris did, admit they underpaid.

  2. I wonder how Shemar feels about being dragged into this drama?

  3. She feels strongly about why she had to leave and just because she appears bitter doesn't mean that what she's saying isn't valid. Shemar isn't going to speak out against Y&R because he's still very popular with fans from the soap and in a way, it's still his bread and butter. He still makes appearances where people come to see him based on his Malcolm character. I believe Victoria there is validity in Victoria's complaint. She had a very popular character and was never nominated for an Emmy.

  4. Shemar probably feels the same way Victoria does but since he still works for CBS, it is not to his advantage to be talking trash on them.