Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today Is The Season Premier Of CRIMINAL MINDS

The long awaited Season Six Premier of CRIMINAL MINDS is finally here. Tonight we see the fate of our hero, Derek Morgan.

When last we saw Agent Morgan, his wrists and ankles were duct taped, and the unsub, a deliciously evil Tim Curry, was kicking him in the face.

Interesting, however, that our Derek still managed to look smokin' hot, even with a gash on his head, and blood on his lips.

Tonight we get all of our questions answered.

Is Detective Speicer dead?
(Yeah, probably, since Eric Close isn't listed in the credits.)

Will Morgan save Speicer's young daughter?

Will Derek be traumatized by guilt over what happened?
(We're here for you, Baby!)

Will the BAU track down the serial killer and bring him to justice?

Will Morgan (SHEMAR MOORE) look as handsome as ever, even with his cuts and bruises? (We're betting he will. His face probably won't even be swollen.)

Tonight/Wednesday, September 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Also, today is the grand opening of the LOVING MOORE Message Board. The new site is devoted to SHEMAR MOORE, Criminal Minds and the stars, and more.

You are invited to join us at:
The site password is~shemarfan.
Come in, register, and begin talking with us.

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