Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One More Day Until The Season Premier of CRIMINAL MINDS

Ernie Hudson to guest star on CRIMINAL MINDS

Tweeted from the CRIMINAL MINDS set
SHEMAR MOORE and Joe Mantegna

Just one more day until the Season Six Premier of CRIMINAL MINDS.
Damn, it has been a long four months!

Joe tweeted that they are working on episode six and the Ernie Hudson (Ghost Busters) will be one of the guest stars.

LOVING MOORE Blog has expanded. Just in time for the Season Six Premier, we have opened the LOVING MOORE AND MORE...Message Board. We are still under construction, but we are open for business. We discuss everything SHEMAR MOORE related, CRIMINAL MINDS, and more...

You're invited to join us at:


  1. How do you get into the expanded part?

  2. click on the link in blue...

    It should take you to our Message Board.

    Will be happy to have you with us.