Tuesday, September 14, 2010

7 Days And Counting To The Season Premier Of CRIMINAL MINDS

Paget Brewster and Matthew Gray Gubler
Cowgirl Paget?
Paget and SHEMAR MOORE on set
Elegant Paget

As LOVING MOORE counts down the last seven days to the Season Six Premier of CRIMINAL MINDS, we take a look at Paget Brewster, who plays SSA Emily Prentiss. The word is this is Paget/Emily's last season. We're going to miss her.
Our Prentiss is one tough chick, and we could use more women like her on TV.

In "Minimal Loss," she took a beating from a crazy, religious cult leader (Luke Perry) and still managed to aid in the rescue of his followers. "In Name And Blood," she was a hero again, going into the home of a killer (Eddie Cibrian) to rescue the woman he held captive. She often backs up Agent Morgan/SHEMAR MOORE in dangerous situations. She displayed her mental acuity in episodes like "Seven Seconds."

So, naturally, we can see why CBS wants to get rid of the character!!

Paget Brewster was born in Massachusetts on March 10, 1969. Yep, she's over forty. Who would have guessed?

She was a veteran of several previous television series, including "Friends," "Huff," and "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law," before landing the role on CRIMINAL MINDS. She does voices on "American Dad," including Sexy Robot.

The actress is single but often "tweets" about a boyfriend.
She has a wonderful sense of humor, as shown in many of her interviews on YouTube. One of the best is this one with Conan O'Brian.

CRIMINAL MINDS Season Six Premier is September 22.

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